Adult comics are comic books intended for adults. They may contain material that might be considered obscene, profane, immoral, and even pornographic, in contrast to the traditionally considered kid-friendly mainstream world of comics. Many adult comics, however, feature none of this, and simply tell stories of a more mature nature, as opposed to the fantasy elements of most comics...
The term "adult comics" generally refers to those with explicit sexual content, and is usually separated from comics labeled for "mature readers", although not always. The "mature readers" label is a relatively new invention (although adult comics have been around for decades), and has gained more acceptance in the average comicbook reading demographics which are now aged far older than they were before the 1990's.

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Armas Comix

A feature of a great simplicity, characters with the strong breadth and the often ungrateful faces Ramon Armas is a draughtsman who does not seek to allure by his graphics. Residing in the area of Cadiz, it begin with the publication from multiple stories in the Spanish fanzines of which Albania and Camello. Its first work of professional is with the synopsis of the Totem monthly magazine published by Josep Toutain. As of its Armas beginnings in the tinted erotic comic strip humour becomes a specialist. Of course, when the monthly magazine Kiss Comix of the editions Cupula appears, it becomes one of the most faithful collaborators about it. After some independent stories published since 1992, it launches out in the adaptation of the tales of Décaméron de Boccace, author of which it admires at the same time humour and the erotism. It is then the creation of “Marujas Al Dodu” (Shrews with the capacity) which brings success to him. These short stories with the characters multiples put in scene women considered as peaceful mothers who after having crossed the man, truth, become true bitches in heat. The French readers can enjoy these accounts as hot as funny in the pages of the French edition of Kiss Comix, baptized since 1998, the Powder with the Dreams. Under the French title “Studies as a Rose” this series is alas new in the form of album. The feature sometimes a little static does not remain less effective about it especially in the multiple sequences hardware where Armas makes undergo worst turpitudes with its heroins which after having taken their foot find the conjugal home. Still a young Spanish creator who does not hesitate to put his talent at the service of an erotic comic strip of quality while remaining original and respectful of his readers.